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to the last catholic archbishops of canterbury. their personal greeting was warm but a gulf still separates the two christian traditions they lead. so their concern today is not with the fundamental and huge obstacles that still stand in the way of church unite but with the overriding message of this papal visit -- how to make christian values sean payton character of what the pope calls the public square. on this concern they are united and the archbishop of canterbury articulated his vision of the role faith should play in society. >> we do not have -- as churches seek political power or control or the dominance of christian faith in the public sphere. but the opportunity to testify, to argue, sometimes to protest, sometimes to affirm, to play our part in the bub -- public debates of our societies. ♪ >> it was a long day for the pontiff, are ending in another first, first visit by a pope to westminster abbey. catholic and anglican clergy symbolically joined together in worship. right hand in agreement with restoring belief to a place in public life. it's their shared purpose. >>> two am
. an appraiser was taking pictures of the canterbury shopping center when two teens approached himp the teens asaulted and stabbed the man repeatedly before robbing him. nearby witnesses were able to scare the attackers off by blaring their horns. police arrested one of the suspects, a 15-year-old boy. he other suspect is still at large this afternoon, the victim is in stable condition? >>> nine americans wre killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan today. the crash happened in southern afghanistan, in a region where nato forcesre ramping up pressure on the taliban insurgents. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility. nato officials dismissed their claim, they say there were no reports of hostile fire. >>> chief master sergeant richard lloyd etchborrow is an american hero. he was awarded the medal for l gallantry in war. he was selected for a classified mission. they ran a secret radar station on a mountain top in laos. when his three sons accepted the medal on his behalf today, president obama told the rest of the story. on march 11, 1968, the radar station was overrun with enemy
manassas, en el centro comercial canterbury... dos hombres hispanos amenazaron al hombre mientras este trabajaba tomando tografias en la parte trasera del sitio sobre el 8600 de la calle sudley... uno de los sospechosos fue la defensa de ingmar guandique busca evitar testimonio que lo inculparia.. detalles al volver.. el numero de empresas pequenas de propiedad de latinos aumentaron considerablemente, creando nuevas censo..alfredo miranda nos a oficina del censo realiza estudios economicos que refleajn el indice de crecimiento de empresas cuyos propietarios son de origen hispano. los datos son ortantes por que nos dan el los abos que al acusado de haber evios ataque admitio ante un detective que no podia frenarse de robar o atacar sexualmente a mujeres.. la defensa busca evitar dichas declaraciones... continua aumentando la infestacion de los parasitos de colchon en diferentes regiones del pais... esta infestacion esta comenzando a preocupar a las autoridades sanitarias por los efectos que tiene en los humanos, como este joven que recibio picaduras en t
square. >> on this, they are united. the archbishop of canterbury articulated his vision of the role of faith and should play in society. >> we do not seek political power or control as churchmen, or the dominance of the christian faith in the public sphere. but the opportunity to testify, to argue, sometimes to protest, sometimes to affirm, to play our part in any public debate of our societies. ♪ >> it was a long day for the 83- year-old pontiff, ending in another symbolic first. a visit to westminster abbey. >> when we have persuaded our neighbors that the light of faith is a life well lived and joyfully lived. >> the world. restoring religious belief to secular life is their shared purpose. bbc news. >> security is tight in london after the police arrested six men in connection with an alleged plot against the po. >> just two miles from the heart of westminster where the pope was for most of the dead, -- day, there were searching. it is here that counter- terrorism detectives were acting on a tip, that the cleaners were planning to attack the pontiff during his visit to london.
of a man at a shopping center in manassas. police say the man was taking pictures of the canterbury village shopping center when two teenagers approached him an when he refused, they kicked and stabbed him. >>> republicans in the senate have blocked an effort to lift the military's don't ask, don't tell. senators considered allowing a full senate debate on the military spending bill. every rub joined a handful of democrats to defeat the bill in a 56-43 vote. >>> a new twist in the wrong going d.c. parks contracts controversy. a reluctant witness and fraternity brother of mayor fenty is forced to appear before the special council investigating the case. at the same time, council voted to block more money from going to his company. karen gray houston has more. >>> omar karim showed up because a d.c. court judge ordered. >> there has been no wrongdoing. >> reporter: for a year, the council has been investigating banneker ventures and its contracts to renovated city parks an crec centers. at issue, how an estimated $86 million skirted the council review process. >> we are here because we had to
and they are looking for another. after a robbery and stabbing behind the canterbury shopping center. investigators say a man in his 50s who was taking pictures was attack. the suspects took the camera and also his wallet. right now at this point his condition is not known. police caught one of the suspects shortly after that attack. >>> we're also following broking news from -- breaking news from prince georges county. we have just learned that green party u.s. senate candidate natasha pettigrew has died. she was riding her bike near prince georges community college in largo when she was struck. the driver, christy littleford said she thought she hit an animal and drove to her home even though the bicycle was lodged under her suv. at this point, police have not charged littleford. we are continuing to follow the story and also the robbery. more redales on -- details on our website and on 9news now beginning at 5:00 p.m. >>> d. c. police have charged adams of maryland with involuntarmanslaughter. 26-year-old julia bartletter of austria was killed. the accident happened nearly two weeks ago ne
. a photographer was robbed and stabbed this morning while taking pictures at the canterbury village shopping center. police say two people approached him demanding his camera and cash. he refused. they stabbed him. residents were surprised to learn of the crime. >> a little bit of mixed reaction. i'm a little bit not surprised because it's not the best neighborhood, but at the same time it's really shocking because that kind of thing just shouldn't happen. >> caught, one of the suspects a 15-year-old boy. they're still looking for the other person. as for the photographer, he's being treated for several stab wounds and is expected to recover. >>> another big story tonight, the fight to repeal don't ask don't tell. it looks like the military's policy on gay troops will remain in effect for the foreseeable future. an effort to repeal the policy fell short in the senate today. fox 5's bob barnard joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> it's a complicated issue. for instance, the four-star general nominated to become the next commandant of the marine corps opposes lifting don't ask don't tel
to a knife attack last week. the victim was taking pictures of the canterbury shopping center when two types approached him. when the man refused, they kicked and stabbed him. one teen was arrested hours later and the other was caught up to on thursday. >>> the drunk driver who killed a major league baseball pitcher is guilty of second- degree murder. andrew gallow was driving last april when he slammed into a car carrying nick adenhart and other people. he was a graduate of williams port high school in washington county, maryland and gallow faces more than 50 years in prison. >>> still ahead on fox 5 news, ex-military commanders making controversial claims. they reveal -- reveal their first-hand accounts. >>> and chrysler takesak after several workers were caught on camera engaging in questionable behavior. sue. >>> and we have really needed this rain. we're getting a supersoaker out of it and today, there is more rain on the way. wait until you see the forecast the rest of the week coming up. >>> and sad news to pass along. gloria stewart, the actress who played rose in the movie titanic d
archbishop of canterbury. it's the first time the pope has visited westminster abby. >>> the taliban has promised to disrupt the parliamentary elections. officials say they won't even try to open some polling locations because they can't guarantee everybody's safety. but president ramid karzai is telling people to ignor the threats. final ballot collection isn't expected until the end of october. >>> it's pretty obvus he was there to die either atis hands or the police's. >> up next, the dramatic story of how they planned their escape. >>> plus, rescuers inch closer to freeing 33en trapped in an underground mine in chile. >>> and another investigation into a drug company of secretly chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank. with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet? >>> we're hearing some chilling firsthand accounts from the hostages in the discovery building sndoff. chris wood and jim mcnullit
surveyor. he was taking photographs behind the canterbury village shopping center. police say the suspects beat the victim and stabbed him a number of times in the stomach. an employee driving into work scared the suspects off by continually honking his car horn. we're told the victim is in stable condition tonight. police have arrested one suspect. they're still looking for another. >>> nine american service members were killed today when a black hawk helicopter crashed in afghanistan. the region is a taliban stronghold and nato forces have been stepping up efforts to rule out insurgents there. the taliban immediately clmed responsibility for the crash, but nato officials said there were no reports of hostile fire in the ar. this is the deadliest year for forces that began in 2001. 50,000 american troops have been killed in the war. >>> craig melvin has our report. >> reporter: a local man was one of many who thought a syned might bring about the end of don't ask, don't tell. when that didn't happen, this was a shift in the debate. what now has been cohesion for many now sms to be a quest
can explain things without the need for a benevolent creator. today the archbishop of canterbury says physics alone will not settle the question of why there is something rather than nothing. >>> in chicago it's something that young people can believe in. a group of performers is spreading a message of happiness through song. cynthia bowers reports. ♪ >> reporter: rap music often earns its bad rep, but this group is giving rap a whole new spin. ♪ you got the power to change >> reporter: meet chicago's happiness club. >> our message is, we're spreading happiness. we are spreading good vibes all over. ♪ >> reporter: its 50 performers come from different races and neighborhoods. they range in age from 6-year-old dawn butler -- are you a singer? a dancer? >> i'm a dancer. >> reporter: to college junior alana. this has meant what to your life? >> i mean, it is my life. i'm one of the most positive people and that's definitely a result of being in the happiness club, for sure. >> reporter: 20-year-old edward taylor who grew up on chicago's south side at minutes he thought twice about
and attended a mass in birmingham. he will also meet with the archbishop of canterbury, leader of the anglican church. our correspondent will be travelling with the pope on this visit. he joined us earlier from rome to tell us more about the background to the trip. >> when the pope visits countries in modern times, it is mainly to browse the faithful and show the flag, as it were. this is it has a particular significance because it is the first time the pope has been invited on the state visit to britain. this is in the current text of mutual distrust and suspicion. in recent years, the relations between the british royal family and the papacy have been cordial. this is a very significant gesture of friendship and good will. we are told it is going to be watched by about a billion people on their television screens around the world. >> there is also some controversy surrounding this trip. what is the story there? >> their are small but militant anti-catholic groups in britain. they include the rights people, atheists, people complaining about the cost of the trip, and so on. the child abuse sc
anniversary. ♪ >> pope benedict xvi it has met with the archbishop of canterbury. as the pope was preaching reconciliation, police arrested six london and over an alleged terrorist threat to the papal visit. they said the pontiff is calm and there's no change to the schedule of the day, but security remains tight. >> london's westminster abbey saw the leaders of the roman catholic and anglican churches under one roof for a joint prayer service. it capped off the second day of the historic papal tour. it was a chance for reconciliation. tensions between the two concessions rose last year after the pope made it easier for anglicans to convert to catholicism >> i come here today from rome to pray and to join in the gift of christian unity. [applause] >> earlier, benedict gave his keynote address in westminster hall. past british protestors were there including tony blair, who converted to catholicism in 2007 to the pontiff or again of aggressive secularism in britain and the increasing marginal insulation of religion. >> or at least relegated to -- [unintelligible] to appreciate the rights of
was robbed and stabbed while taking pictures at the canterbury village shopping center yesterday morning. police say two people approached him and demanded his camera and money. when he refused, police say they stabbed him. >> a little bit of mixed reaction. i'm a little bit not surprised because it is not before the neighborhood but at the same time, it is shocking because i kind of thing this shouldn't happen. >> police caught one of the suspects, a 15-year-old boy. they are still looking for another person. the photographer is being treated for several stab wounds and is expected to recover. >>> another big story this morning. blocking a repeal of don't ask, don't tell. senate republicans unanimously voted to block a bill that would have lifted the mull tri's ban on openly gay soldiers. the general chosen by president obama to lead the marine corps says he does not think that congress should lift the ban. he spoke on capitol hill just hours before the septa defeated the defense policy bill that would have repealed the 17-year- old law. gay rights groups are not happy with the decision
in manassas at the canterbury shopping village. fox 5's wisdom martin is just back from that neighborhood. >> this is a case of a man hired to do his job. when the suspects tried to rob him, he fought back and ended up in the hospital. manassas police say a man was hired by an out of town lean holder to do an annual assessment of the canterbury shopping center. sometime around 9:00 in the morning the worker was alone taking pictures of the property when he was approached by two suspects. they demanded the worker's money and camera. when he refused, the suspects started kicking and stabbing him. it was stunning news to many of the people who just found out about the stabbing. >> my child is in the academy. yeah. i think i'm really concerned. >> a little mixed reaction. i'm a little bit not surprised because it's not the best neighborhood, but at the same time it's really shocking because that kind of thing just shouldn't happen. >> reporter: investigators say at one point during the attack workers arriving at the shopping center saw the man being beaten down and started blowing their horn
. the pope did not alter his schedule taking time to pray with the archbishop of canterbury and becoming the first pope to worship at westminster abby. he then gave an address, including former prime minister sonny blair, and margaret thatcher. >>> last night, we told you about an acid attack on a woman in washington state was self- inflicted. today the victim, in a possible copycat attack, spoke out. police still don't know why bethany storer through acid on her own face and then fabricated a tale about being attacked by another woman. fairy visitlar tee was splashed with acid outside of her home. she appeared this morning on "the early show" on cbs. >> i can't imagine someone doing this to themselves. it was just an assault setting, all most got physically ill. >> she could face prosecution in washington state. police say she is at least likely to be charge with filing a false police report. >>> it's not uncommon for parents to get fired up when protecting their kids bits not too often a dad gets this raj agree.y city the angry tirade that has a father facing criminal charges, a young
with with a robbery at canterbury shopping center. the man suffered stab wounds but is said to be okay. >>> new security measures in place at a busy metro station, and it could affect your commute. lucy the changes today at the pentagon metro station on the blue and yellow lines. kristen fisher has more from arlington. >> reporter: well, these changes are going to take some getting used to, but the good news is they shouldn't add any time to your typical commute. this is all in response to what happened here last march when a man opened fire at this security check point into the pentagon. ever since, pentagon officials have said they need to move those check points farther away from the actual entrance to the building. well, this morning they finally started to do just that. so here's what it means for you. if you are just walking into the pentagon metro station's north entrance, then you're fine, no major changes. but if you're walking into the station's south entrance, the pentagon's visitor entrance, that's where you will see these changes. the left center walkway will only be open to pentag
. it happened outside the cant canterbury shopping center. two teens attacked the man while he was working, appraising the property. he was taking tickets when the teens approach him, demanded his camera, cell phone and wallet. they kicked and beat him in the stomach. we're told the victim is in stable condition. >>> investigators are digging deeper into what drove a man to shoot a doctor and kill his mother and himself at john hopkins hospital. during the search of his home they found another handgun. no signs that the crime was premeditated. >>> wit six weeks to go, a new poll shows the race for maryland is neck and neck. governor martin o'maley has a lead over former governor bob ehrlich. however, the margin of error for the poll is 4%, making it a dead heat. a senior editor for the political report says the poll is actually good news forboth candidates. >>> 50/47 is a three-point split, but essentially the race is tied. if i'm the o'maley campaign, one of the thgs i take positive out of that poll is he is at 50%. that means thathrlich needso chip away at his support. but this is not an
beat an stabbed a photographer who was trying to take pictures of the canterbury village shopping center for the center's owner. people showing up at the mall started blowing their horns and that is when the suspects ran off. >>> the "washington post" is reporting kerry briggs resigned via e-mail last week with just 4 hours notice. school board is said to be stunned by her discussion to leave on such short notice. brig was appointed by mayor fenty. she says she inform the mayor of had he ever plans in mid- august. >>> a new twist now in the ongoing d.c. parks contracts controversy. mayor fenty's practice sternt brother omar karim was order to testify by a d.c. superior court judge. he is the president of badgerer ventures, the company that allegedly got million of dollars to manage parks and recreation creanter contracts. >> one of those was liberty law with we know great sums of money went into the perceived contractors and thnt went out to other firms. we wanted to find out what the expenditures were. >> he has never disagreed with talking about the parks contract. the investiga
he and his-- that sort of, archbishop of canterbury and all the counterparts throughout the rest of europe are attempting to address. >> i guess in some ways you wonder if the pope is the right person to do it. when the pope talks about secularism, he means that people are having sex before marriage and i just don't know if, i think one of the threats to this is the rigidity of the church and that's one of the, you know, the threats to the decline in participation in church and participation in catholocism and certainly some of the scandals that this pope has in some ways been a part of and in some ways tried to confront. >> sure, and he addresses those. he addressed them on the way to great britain about the scandals, the saying about the priests that he called the perverse practice of child abuse that folks who were involved in that, just take a quick listen to him addressing this. >> it's also a great fact that the authorities of the church were not sufficiently vigilent and quick and incisive in taking the necessary measures. >> so this pope obviously has to deal with that sp
this pope meeting with the archbishop of canterbury, the head of the church of england, aside from the figure head, the queen. >> the history is a difficult one, as you suggest. the church of england is riddled with difficulties today as you know. what's perhaps most interesting about this encounter between pope benedict xvi and dr. williams is they are both world class theologians. doctor williams is an expert on the theology of the old church and the pope is one of the great theological minds of the past 100 years. they have found themselves in positions of leadership neither expected to be in or ever wanted to be in. they might have interesting things to say to each other about the burdens of high office of scholars. >> among the burdens that the pope bears is having to apologize for the church sex abuse scandals, which he has done in a very overt way a couple times on this trip. how much longer must this pope continue to do that? >> well, he'll do it as long as there are people to whom an apology is owed. he feels very keenly. the suffering, the ongoing suffering of victims of
the canterbury village shopping center. he told police two boys approached him, demanded his camera. he refused and the teens allegedly knocked him to the ground, stabbed himthree times taking his camera, cell pho and money and ran off. a 15-year-old boy was arrested at the scene. the second teen was arrested at his home. the victim is expected to recover. >> president obama signed a small business job act today. he calls it one of his concrete moves to put americans to work. under the law small businesses that hire new employees are eligible for tax benefits. critics say the bill is a burden. >> it was criticalhat we cut taxes and make more loans available to entrepreneurs. >> there are a couple of welcome tax cuts small businesses he been looking for for years but they are, by and large, temporary, small and they are completely over whelmed by tax increases that small businesses fear. >> getting more americans back to work will be the president's pitch as he heads out tonight to campaign for deocrats. >>> gamblers have a new place to hit the jackpot. 35 people were waiting at that time doors
to meet with the archbishop of canterbury. >>> more charges are coming from serial stabbing suspect elias abuelazam. miss say he's responsible for a -- police say he's responsible for a series attacks in michigan. right now abuelazam is charged with one attack. >>> following the developing story, those miners trapped in chile. rescuers made a key break through tonight reaching the caverns where they are trapped with a borehole. the hole will be widened to 26 inches which is enough to pull them out. the work could take months and that will require the miners to haul away the tons of debris. >>> a final seal on the blow out well in the guchl could happen by sunday. the next stuff to is seal the well from the bottom of the april blast sank the rig and triggered the spill that eventually spilled 206 million gallons of oil from the well. . >>> wicked weather slammed new york city pulling down trees and power lines. one woman died when a tree crushed her car in queens. the storm caught the city offguard, snarling traffic and people were waiting hours to get home last night. we have more on all
. >> at the canterbury village shopping center, it was anything but business as usual this morning. a stabbing and robbery here has shop keepers on edge. >> it's kind of scary hearing that. >> make you a little nervous, does it? >> yeah. >> and i'm a combat veteran. >> i see people that look into my car, no loeng park back there, i have my car parked in the front of the shop. >> scary back there? >> pretty scary. >> a property appraiser is out taking pictures of the building. approached by two young men. they say, give me your camera, gi me ur money. he says what? that wasn't the answer they were looking for. they knock him to the ground they begin kicking him and beating him. they stab him a number of times in the stomach. things would have don't far worse had it not been for some people driving into work blasteding the hoblasted i blasting the horns of their cars, scaring the spects away. >> i think they scared them and broke it up. >> the hking of the horns stopped the men? >> that's correct. >> reporter: i talked to the shopping center property manager by phe. he came to the aid of the vic
. that suspect and another teen stabbed and robbed a 59-year- old man behind the canterbury village shopping center. the man was hired to take pictures for a property access. of the drivers who saw the attack honked the horns and scared off the boys. the victims name has not been released but should recover. >>> overnight tonight from midnight until 4:00 a.m. expect delays southbound 270. it will be closed at exit 10 so crews can install sign for the new intercounty connector. >>> our time is 6:51. 68degrees here in northwest washington. a senate candidate in maryland dies a day after she was hit by a car. this story is just three minutes away. this morning's campus correspondent play of the day. it's eight yards to the fade. a touchdown, unfortunately it was the only score of the game for the mcnamara mustangs as they fall to st. albans. high schoolers if you would like to become a campus correspondent, it's great. i eat anything that i want. key lime pie, pineapple upside down cake, raspberry cheesecake... ...yeah, every night its something different. oh yeah yeah...she always keeps them i
years old. it all happened tuesday last week outside canterbury village shopping center. a 59-year-old property inspector was taking photos behind the strip mall there. he told police two boys walked up to him demanding his camera. he refused and the teens allegedly knocked him down and stabbed him three times in the chest, took his money, camera, his cell phone and ran away. a 15-year-old boy was arrested at the scene. the second teenager was arrested last thursday at his house. both of them are beinging held now without bond. the victim is expected recover. >> police connue to search for the driver who left the scene of an accident that critically injured a 24-year-old woman over the weekend. it happened on saturday night along carol avenue in silver springs. the victim's name hasn't been released. police say part of the car's side mirror was ripped off during the accident. they are looking for a dark sedan with damage on e front end and possibly the windshield. police in leesburg, virginia, are warning people about ads to become secret shoppers for western union or moneygram. a
of canterbury. you remember that famously 500 years ago the two churches split in a famous schism when king henry viii decided he should be the new head of the protestant british church. it's been a very eventful meeting. heels also made an enormously important -- he's also made an enormously important statement about the child abuse scandal that's rocked the catholic church throughout much of his time. he expressed yesterday his deep sorrow for the crimes committed by some catholic priests on children. he also spoke in words this were very strong. he mentioned the shame and humiliation the situation had caused to the church and also the numerous victims. alex? >> nina, what about this threat of terror during his visit? six men, they were arrested. now they're free, what's behind that? >> reporter: that's right, alex. well, these men were arrested in a series of dorm raids on friday morning. and they were street cleaners. now it seems as though the police forces in london may have overreacted to what was simply a joke. in the staff canteen when men were preparing for their shift. in any cas
a photographer who was taking pictures of the canterbury shopping center. people saw the acing it and started blowing their horns and that's when the suspect ran off. >> refusing to halt the ex execution. she was convicted of the mastermind behind the killing of her husband and his stepson. >>> caught on camera, a father storms on a school bus after his disabled daughter is bullied. he's speaking out. what he has to say. >>> and then jon stewart and steven colbert bringing their political humor to the nation's capital. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that
that god played no role in creating the universe. he talks and it in his book, and he tells the canterbury of london that physics alone will not settle the discussion. he will be a guest on "larry king live" next september 10th right here on cnn. >>> and salvage divers in the baltic sea have discovered what are believed to be bottles of the world's oldest beer. they were found at the site of the ship wreck with 200-year-old bottles of champagne were just discovered. not clear who gets to sample it and see how well it did over 200 years. >> i suspect that no one is going to want to drink that beer. thank you very much. >> it may taste like the bottom of the sea. >> maybe. thank you. >>> remarkable images are coming into us right now from new zealand and we will show you what a powerful earthquake did to the country's second largest city. stand by for that. and hurricane earl heading up the east coast right now and where the storm is headed next. ] marie callender's invites you back to lunch, with a new line of fresh recipes. like chicken teriyaki with water chestnuts. it steams to perfectio
's famous church services. earlier today, he paid a call on the archbishop of continue canterbury. the theme of the day, if you didn't catch it, building bridges and reaching out. >> increasing the multicultural dimension of society. brings with it opportunity to encounter other religions. for us christians, this opens up the possibility of exploring to give service members reaches traditions, ways of bearing witness to the transcend ent dimension leading to practice in our personal and social lives. >> the pope started the day among his own flock in london. there, he scheduled a public meeting with leaders of public faiths. we are learning more about a possibility security scare between london street cleaners and a plot. we have word of another arrest in the case. we have the story. atika joins us on the phone. have they been able to make a connection between the so-called plot and the pope? >> reporter: the police haven't directly linked it. they reviewed the pope's security as a result of the new information and the arrests. we have confirmed a sixth arrest has been made. apparently, it c
now meeting with the archbishop of canterbury. the reason he is in the popemobile is they closed out the pope in his traveling after the 1981 assassination attempt on him. peter the response as you know it from the vatican to this, has it changed the pope's schedule and how seriously do we take this? do we believe this really is links to al-qaida or are they five street cleaners who were putting together some sort of coalition? >> obviously we will have to wait for a few days to see what turns up. i think that scotland yard, the london police have become very careful in making random arrests. they are not just going out and arresting random people and locking them up. they clearly thought that this was important enough of a tip-off, and that they couldn't afford to take any risks, and they had to act very quickly. so that indicates to me -- i know a lot of these people, they are extremely serious people. they are not taking chances. at the same time they wouldn't have acted if it wasn't very, very serious. megyn: indeed the vatican is saying through a spokesman that the pope is calm
the d.a. filed charges against canterbury arturs yesterday. he's being charged with attempted murder, there's a picture carjacking and attempted carjacking along with arms charges. he's scheduled to be arraigned next tuesday. parents and teachers are a rage with the closer to procure centers and oakland. as you can see here, the rally outside golden gate tubs and development center last night to voice their frustrations. the centers for temporary closed yesterday due to state budget caps those cuts have forced the district to reduced by of funding. this close to have here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. care centers. >> we do not accept the and the coaches and aldrin. this is our affecting parents. families. people are not being allowed to pursue their education. >> able to identify some funds that we can redirect toward early jetted education to keep five of the seven child care the roman centers open. joe there are closing. all the services of family received override a that alternate locations. >> the judge in your attendees tussaud's will be relocated to one of the other
minutes renown. this man canterbury it does is expected of seriously injuring a fremont police officer may be transported back to the bay area today. he was caught and mexico's border, he was held that santa clara has called for the office of the the shot todd young. he was wounded in the line of duty he remains in serious but stable conditions dozens of students fellow officers, other community members showed up to donate. since last week of mr. young has undergone three surgeries, he might still need more procedures and blood transfusions. he's a tragedy and said the clara high, his mama's worked with the school district for several years. young has two district to kids in the district as well. authorities are looking for this bank robber at least nine banks have been hit by the same night, he struck again just yesterday at the bank of the west at this event in san jose, this is surveillance photo from the bank. it cited in the boulevard, this is back in july. he gave a demand note to the teller to about with an undisclosed amount of money he's believed responsible for robbers and mounta
the pope was next stop, he'll be next meeting with the archbishop in canterbury. they say the hope has -- pope has been informed and there's no need for alarm. >> we are totally confident in the work of the police, of scotland yard, and we have no particular -- the police have already said the formation that they have until now collected demonstrated there is no need to change anything about the problem of the pope and the security. >> so no change in his schedule, and normally in hyde park, there will be thousands on hand to hear his address. you have to think about security ramped up there, if it hasn't been already, and a lot of controversy before this trip began. how is the rest of that going, greg? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, bill. i think it has to be going better than planned, because there was so much controversy, sort of fever pitch, you know. a lot of hostility in the press towards the pope. but actually this morning, he was warmly greeted, with school children and also people working in catholic education out there. there are been -- have been isolated protests and
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